While We Wait, The Left & Media Continue To Lie About Voter Integrity Bills

It is the true, big lie. Not President Trump's contention about the election, but the left's truly false claims of voter suppression.

Like every issue, and every candidate, the coverage in the media is only one-sided. So much so that the Wall Street Journal actually wrote an editorial defending Texas, and their attempts to secure voter integrity, after a record number of voter fraud cases across the state.

Policy expert Logan Churchwell told KTRH, "It shouldn't be a divisive issue." And that is because according to the polls, all Texans, Republican and Democrat, are in favor of requiring some form of voter ID.

But you never hear that, with both Democrats and the media crying foul every chance they get. "There's nothing suppressive, and there's nothing unique" Churchwell said. "Other states are beating Texas to the punch, and putting these into law."

And that is exactly what Texas lawmakers plan to do as soon as Governor Greg Abbott call for a special session.

"In the end, there will be a new piece of legislation" Churchwell added, "And there will be a lawsuit to block it. Not from the good guys of course, but you can count on it."

As the Wall Street Journal pointed out, one of the issues that Harris County officials have a problem with, is the removal of 24 hour drive through voting, which they claim is somehow racist. (Nothing fishy could ever happen in the middle of the night!)

These are the types of things, loopholes that were created due to the pandemic, that need to be cleaned up.

"Texas likes to present itself as being on the cutting edge when it comes to election integrity" Churchwell said, "But when it comes to implementing voter ID controls, Texas is woefully behind. It's a shame that we have to go into a special session to catch back up."

And the wait for that special session continues, with no date announced yet, from Governor Abbott.

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