Dry Cleaning Business is Coming Back

One of the industries hardest hit by the Covid Lockdown is Dry Cleaners. Most dry cleaners lost a lot of business during the pandemic. Many smaller cleaners either retired early or lost their businesses all together. Still so many office workers are barely venturing into the office. Dawn Avery of the National Dry Cleaners Association says based on their membership, most dry cleaners are now bringing in 45% to 60% of what did before the Covid Lockdown and things are looking up. She says they are adapting. "We just kind of adjusted our hours, a shorter work day, taking Wednesdays off - that kind of thing. Even owners laying off staff and doing the work themselves." She comments, "one common phenomena is that cleaners are getting lots of shirts to clean --- but no pants! I guess most of their meetings take place on Zoom!"

She says the key to success for many is to become a promoter. "What we've noticed about our more successful owners are advertising their 'other' services. We do wedding gowns, prom dresses, rugs and curtains, plus regular laundry: wash-dry-and-fold." Avery also says they have continued to service first responders and other uniform wearers, and since customers are spending more time at home, they are using their cleaners for other services like doing their regular laundry, cleaning the rugs and curtains that they see every day, shoe maintenance, and mending and letting out their now too-tight outfits!


Lots of Shirts - No Pants at Dry Cleaners

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