The Left Is Working Overtime To Sexualize Your Children

It is June, and the left want to make sure you know that it's 'pride' month. But don't you dare get caught praying in school!

Everywhere you turn there's a rainbow. And unfortunately, it's not a reminder of God's promise to mankind after the flood with Noah.

The push for 'pride' month is growing, and that now includes, kids.

"The left has worked extremely hard with this agenda" says renowned relationship trainer Julie Nise. "It's an agenda of indoctrination, and people mostly are asleep at the wheel about how really profoundly twisted, sick, and I would say evil, it really is."

This may be shocking to some, but not to LGBTQ lobbyists who have been pressuring tv and movie studios for years to include their agenda. "Tv shows and movies are just part of it" Nise told KTRH. "Let's talk about in the classrooms all over the country. There has never been a time where raising your children with a village has become more stupid. Parents need to wake up and take full control of what's going on with their children."

As she mentioned, like the entertainment industry, the public schools are pushing the agenda as well. "Anything that disagrees with the mainstream media is now considered bad" she said, "But this is actually a reverse pedophilia really. It's taking extreme liberties with children's development and sexuality at times when it should not be done. We're absolutely insanely off the map."

Case a point, the recent story of two parents who think that their 3-year old son should be a girl. "This poor little kid had one appointment with a psychiatrist" Nise said, "And after one session they determined that he had some sort of disorder, and they want to put him through gender reassignment surgery."

Enough said.

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