Beef is Available and Prices Not Impacted by the Recent Ransomware Attack

The JBS meat packing plants are all back in operation, including the North Texas plant in Cactus.

The FBI says REvil, a ransomware gang from Russia was the culprit of the weekend attack that brought operations in beef production plants to a standstill.

The resolution of the crime is still to be determined, but it seems pretty certain that the attack isn’t going to affect any summer grilling plans you have.

“The Beef Council and the beef industry does not anticipate any real impact to the grocery store from the most recent attack on JBS,” says Russell Woodward, Sr. Manager for the Texas Beef Council.

Grocery stores are not seeing any interruption in the supply chain and prices aren’t impacted by the shutdown, so backyard plans for Father’s Day or the 4th of July are still a go.

“We’ve got a lot of high quality beef product out there,” adds Woodward. “Producers are doing a great job producing that prime and choice products that barbecue folks need for their briskets and folks enjoy for steaks on their grills.”

JBS reports they are back to full capacity.

photo: Getty Images

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