Abbott to KTRH: We have to help Border Patrol as crisis worsens

Texas Governor Greg Abbott is stepping up where the Federal Government is slacking off.

Earlier this week the Governor issued a disaster declaration to help the border, as illegal immigrants continue to take advantage of President Biden's lack of border enforcement. Earlier this morning on KTRH, Abbott told Jimmy Barrett and Shara Fryer that border patrol agents need his help.

"They need help from the state. Because I declared this disaster, it is eligible for us to seek compensation from the federal government," Abbott explained. "We are going to step up efforts. We are going to arrest people and put them in jail."

Abbott also talked to Houston's Morning News about a possible special session of the Texas legislature following the failure of SB-7, the bill that would strengthen election integrity.

"Yes we will be having a special session to address these issues. But I will not tell you what items we will put on the agenda right now, or when we will be calling it," Abbott said. "Those decisions will be made made in the coming weeks.

You can listen to the entire interview below.

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