Suddenly Skeptical: Left Changes Tune on COVID Origins

More than a year into the coronavirus pandemic, Big Tech, Big Science and the mainstream media have a newfound skepticism and curiosity about the origins of the virus. Now that the COVID lab leak theory is gaining momentum and credibility, all of those who previously dismissed it are being forced to acknowledge what many suspected all along. "The idea that this (virus) came out of a lab has been treated like the most wacky conspiracy theory ever dreamed up," says Colin Madine, Breitbart Tech Editor. "Suddenly we see this 180 by the media and Big Tech that have been suppressing and silencing anyone from even discussing this possibility."

Even overseas intelligence agencies are giving credence to the lab leak theory, while new e-mails show Dr. Anthony Fauci and other U.S. government experts knew the lab leak was a legitimate possibility all along, even as they dismissed and downplayed it publicly. "Now, you have British intelligence services saying it's feasible, and you have scientists across the board admitting finally that this may be what happened, including Fauci's own e-mails that have come out," says Madine.

Those e-mails also reveal Dr. Fauci's conversations with the head of Facebook. "We're very interested in conversations between Mark Zuckerberg and Fauci where they're discussing how they're going to push the right narrative on Facebook, the most powerful tech platform in the universe," says Madine.

All of this has put the Biden administration in a tough position, with the president recently ordering a new 90-day investigation into the origins of COVID. "They're scrambling like they've never scrambled before," says Madine. "They're really trying to thread the needle...they're trying to find the truth, but not blame China, and not blame the lab that we may or may not have funded."

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