A Close Encounter of the Revealing Kind

Little green men? Flying saucers? Will we finally identify those flying objects?

This month the Department of Defense will release a report revealing everything unclassified that the U.S. government knows about UFO's, based on documented evidence from multiple instruments including radar, and infrared and optical cameras, and pilot testimony. It’s been a long time coming.

In the 1960’s Major (Ret) Ellis “Buck” Buchanan was an officer serving in the United State Air Force assigned to Project Blue Book, a catalogue of 12,618 reported sightings between 1947 and 1949. His crew collected the documentation for others to analyze, but says based on every piece of classified information that crossed his desk, he believes there is advanced life on other planets. “I think this is from outer space. I think they are much more advanced than we are with their propulsion systems. We can’t do the kind of things they can do.”

Not for a want of trying, Buchanan explains. Some of the reported sightings of alien-looking craft rising above the Nevada desert near Area 51 were ours. They were test craft seeking to capitalize on what had been witnessed by Air Force pilots, but we were never in their league.

“My belief, and a lot of the other people’s beliefs, was that they are so far advanced technologically that we are not going to find out much about them. They are going to study us, but we are not going to study them,” Buchanan says.

That’s apparently the consensus in government today. President Obama has spoken publicly about UFO’s, Senator Marco Rubio is talking about them, and the military is ready to finally share all of that knowledge they have been accumulating for decades. It’s possible they don’t know much. Craft are able to change directions in ways we can’t and travel at speeds we can’t. That may be all we know.

And after all the hoopla, when the government officially confirms the existence of extra-terrestrial life, it’s quite possible we’ll be left wondering who “they” are, and what “they” want, and "know" very little, still.

photo: Getty Images

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