Will Conservatives Finally See Some Wins In The Supreme Court?

One highlight from 2020 for conservatives, was when then President Donald Trump picked Amy Coney Barrett for the U.S. Supreme Court. Finally, a conservative majority. And the opportunity to deal with some of the radical collateral done by the liberal Justices.

It was a great thought, but it hasn't worked out that way thus far as the Supreme Court has stayed left.

"I think they're kind of learning their way in how the Supreme Court works, getting their walking instructions so they know what to do" attorney Gary Polland told KTRH. "But I anticipate that the Court is going to move in a more conservative direction."

Many conservatives are wondering if that will be when the Supreme Court reconvenes, with some major issues on the agenda like Roe vs. Wade, and the 2nd Amendment.

So will conservatives finally see some 'wins'? "I think that there are some wins coming" Polland said, "but they may not be the rout that a number of conservatives would like to see in terms of defeating the left on the Supreme Court."

Polland believes that instead, we are more likely to see baby steps.

Another factor is the Democrats threat of 'packing' the Supreme Court, a corrupt way for the left to continue to impose their radical agenda. Polland says despite the Democrats desire for more power, it's not a good idea. "Let's be clear, packing the Supreme Court is a terrible idea" he said. "I think Chief Justice Roberts is concerned about court packing. If the Democrats get away with it now, when the Republicans take control again, they will pass another bill to pack it again, and before you know we'll have a hundred member of the Supreme Court."

For now, there are 9 Justices, with millions of Americans hoping for some justice, for conservatives.

Supreme Court Justices Pose For Formal Group Photo

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