SB 7 Postponed: Texas Democrats Walk Out 2.0

The 87th Texas legislative session is officially over, but it didn't end well. And they're not done yet.

Doing what can only be described as 'taking their ball and going home', the Texas Democrats (who are all about appearances anyway) opted to grandstand instead of doing their jobs, by walking out on the vote for SB7.

As a result, they broke quorum, meaning there were not enough members on the floor for the final vote. And so now, the bill will be on hold until Governor Greg Abbott calls a special session this summer.

The bill will ultimately pass, and Governor Abbott has vowed to sign it into law. But the fact that it did not make it to his desk, Abbott said was "deeply disappointing", with the Governor also saying that he plans to veto the section of the state budget that the funds the Legislature in response. And if the Democrats don't come back for the special session? Hundreds of their staff members will lose their jobs.

Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick also shared his displeasure with our tv partner KPRC channel 2, saying that Republicans should not have waited until the last minute to bring the bill for vote.

"SB 7 should never been on the floor with 4 hours to go before the midnight deadline" Patrick said. "It gave the Democrats the opportunity to filibuster, or walk out, and that's what they did."

Again, Governor Abbott will call for a special session this summer. Plus, there will also be a special gathering in the fall for redistricting.

Republicans went in with a pretty good list of priorities, and long time Republican strategist Bill Miller told KTRH, it went well. "It was productive on the conservative side" he said, "because of the issues of guns, and abortion. Those things were passed, and are what conservatives feel strongly about."

Not making the cut was the transgender sports bill, as well the ability to sue social media for de-platforming. And they also failed to finish up the reworking of ERCOT, which will take place during the summer session.

But Miller says Republicans should feel like they had a good session, because they did what their voters wanted, even though it was difficult. And there will be another battle in Austin later this year, when they gather for redistricting. Miller says Republicans are going to be happy with it, Democrats not so much.

"Those maps are very creative, and redistricting is how you control the future" Miller said. "Republicans control the redistricting, the maps are in their favor, and so the Democrats are at a distinct disadvantage. It's going to be contentious."

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