It’s The Start Of What’s Expected To Be A Busy Atlantic Hurricane Season

June has arrived, and that means the official start of the Atlantic Hurricane Season.

2020 was the most active hurricane season on record, and experts like Francisco Sanchez, Harris County Emergency Management Deputy believes we could see more of the same here in 2021.

Experts are calling for 17 named storms, and 8 hurricanes.

"The forecast calls for an above average hurricane season" Sanchez told KTRH, "but we could have a quiet season and have only one storm hit and if it hits us, it's a bad season, so it's important for people to be prepared."

Which is exactly what local officials are calling for. Jeff Lindner of the Harris County Flood District told KTRH that we have seen back to back busy seasons before.

"We had a really active season in 2004, and then a very active season in 2005 which was the most on record until 2020" he said, adding that it is also important to have flood insurance. "Home owners insurance does not cover flood insurance, and only 30% of the residents in Harris County have it."

In Galveston County, Judge Mark Henry says their improvements have come in the way of communication, and letting people know. But he adds that it is important to have your Hurricane preparedness kit adding, "the things people always forget are prescription medications, and a plan and food for your animals."

"We hope that people take our messaging seriously" Henry told KTRH, "I think last year they did, so build your kit, make your plan, and stay informed to credible news sources like KTRH."

Good advice. Be prepared.

Hurricane Season Sign With Stormy Background

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