Election Fraud: No One Knows How Bad It Really Is

What if the 'Big Lie' was actually the truth? And the really big lie, was about the 'Big Lie'?

That's what the Democrats and the left counter with when you dare mention the 2020 election. (so much for love, tolerance, and inclusion)

But if the election was legit, like they try to believe, then why does it matter if someone questions it? Seriously. They not only get angry about it, they go out of their way to use words like 'false' or the 'big lie'.

For the record, not only is voter fraud truly legitimate, it is alive and well in our nation.

According to the Heritage Foundation voter fraud database, there are currently 1,328 active voter fraud cases going on in our country. And Texas AG Ken Paxton said recently voter fraud cases here in Texas are at an all-time high.

John Malcom, V.P. at the Heritage Foundation told KTRH, "We have unfortunately a lot of vulnerability, and laxed laws in our states, and our voter rolls in those states are in terrible shape" he said adding, "So voter fraud is unfortunately a relatively easy crime to commit, and it's very difficult to catch after the fact."

As bad as that sounds, the Democrats would basically have check-mate, and complete control over all future elections, if they pass their controversial H.R. 1 bill.

"It's an 800-page bill and it's filled with all kinds of provisions" Malcom said. "I think we should be very concerned about it, a very broad and totally unwarranted, and in some cases unconstitutional take over of our elections by the federal government."

If the Democrats pass H.R. 1, we won't have to worry about election fraud. Or elections.


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