Airports Will Be Packed This Weekend

“Nationwide 2.5 million Americans will board airplanes during the Memorial Day Weekend over three days, and that is nearly six times more than the same period in 2020,” says Daniel McCarthy, editor of Travel Market Report.

In 2019 they screened 2.55 million so we are close to the old normal, but a far cry from last year.

If you are heading to an airport this weekend, you may find staffing is kind of an issue. If you're flying, get there early. TSA is understaffed and passengers are being warned to expect long, snaking lines for security. “They put out a warning this week that people will need to allow extra time to get through security at airports, and they’re still making sure travelers know they’ll need to wear a facemask to board airplanes,” says McCarthy. Bags could arrive slower than usual. There may not be as many concessions for food and drink as usual.

photo: Getty Images

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