What Is ‘Rumble,’ And Why Is It Becoming So Popular With Conservatives?

If you have been censored on social media you probably haven't heard about it. And if you still watch corporate media, you definitely haven't heard about it.

It's the new video platform alternative to YouTube called 'rumble'.

Conservatives are flocking to it in droves every month because? You can post and express a thought or opinion without getting censored! What a concept in the United States of America in 2021.

Rumble founder and CEO Chris Pavlovski started it in 2013. But since August, rumble has added over 80 million viewers!

"In 2020 we saw all types of different censorship happening" Pavlovski told Fox, "On rumble what we're doing that's different is that you're controlling the channel, you're controlling what you see, and you're getting the content that you want."

UH Political Science Professor and TV personality Jacquie Baly told KTRH, "People are just naturally gravitating to it" she said, "and because they're using they're own equipment, conservatives can feel comforted that they will not be censored."

And after what we saw with big tech censorship, the hiding of the Hunter Biden story right before the election, and President Trump being cancelled, Pavlovski is happy to offer a legitimate option.

"We all disagree, we all have different viewpoints, and one thing at rumble that I really want to hold core to" he said is, "we're not going to control that remote on you."

It's nice to know there is still -some- freedom of speech left in our nation. But not much.


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