The Five Reasons To Believe Communism Is Coming To America

Before you laugh and say what a crazy story this is, consider this quote from the late founder of the Soviet Union a.k.a. Lenin.

"Socialism leads to Communism."

So when you look at what happened last year with lockdowns, big tech censorship, Covid cover-ups, and now the complete loss of a working media, communism may not be as far off as you think.

Was 2020 actually a preview of Communism here in the U.S.?

In a piece for PJ Media, Kevin Downey Jr. gave 5 reasons to believe that Communism might be coming to America. They are, 1) Agree or be silenced, 2) Violence for we, but not for thee, 3) Papers, please, 4) Guns, and 5) It's already begun.

Basically, what starts out as a guise of justice, turns into the eventual loss of individual rights, liberty, and freedom.

Marion Smith, President of the Common Sense Society told KTRH, "The end goal of socialism is communism, and that would be in keeping with Marxist thinking. It is a system with a proven track record of failure, death, and destruction."

Smith also pointed out how democracy and socialism cannot co-exist, and he credits our founding fathers for looking at human nature, and developing a form of government that fits human nature, rather than re-make man to fit an ideology. And if you really want to cut to the chase? An ideology without God. The government plays god, and makes man in it's image. It's really that simple.

So how would communism look today in America in 2021? We mentioned the lockdowns, censorship, propaganda instead of media, lack of truth.

Another example would be the BLM movement which Smith says "the organization itself has espoused Marxist ideology, and that should cause some concern."

It also completely contradicts and goes against the beliefs and teachings of the late Martin Luther King Jr. "He did consider whether or not Marxist ideas were the best platform for him to base his civil rights ideas on" Smith said, "he considered it and then ultimately he rejected it, and he appealed to the American declaration, and our Constitution."

Smith concludes that in communist systems, individual rights are not a principle, collective justice is the priority. The party comes first.

Sound familiar?

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