There’s A Push In Austin To Make Sure Texas Kids Know Texas History

Texas lawmakers already hit it out of the park by banning the racist 'critical race theory' from Texas public schools. And now in this the final week of the Texas legislative session, they are trying to get through H.B. 2497, which includes the '1836 project'.

This bill would make it law that all public schools in Texas accurately teach Texas history and civics. State Rep. James White, who backed the bill told KTRH, "It's a pretty big deal."

1836 of course was the year that Texas won it's independence from Mexico. But that doesn't fit with the left's radical 1619 project, which the Biden administration is actively trying to push into public schools nationwide. "I would just say to the 1619 folks" White said, "Be confident that in the United States you have the largest population that are non-white, they're the most prosperous, and the most free, in the world."

White, who is also a longtime educator pointed out that while there was racism in our history, there was at the same time another group of people, the pilgrims and the puritans who were opposed to it. And our country was founded on same basic principles that were outlined in the Declaration of Independence.

"I think what we're seeing in our country with this radical critical race theory is that it somehow morphed into some kind of indoctrination technique in our K-12 public schools" he said.

An indoctrination that is completely fabricated on a lie, and reverse racism.

The 1836 project is based on a foundation of truth, while keeping events and issues along the way, in the proper context. "This is not a white-washing, no pun intended" White said. "It's ensuring that we are conveying history in the context of liberty, equality, rugged individualism, and the common good for all."

H.B. 2497 is now in the senate, and White says he is optimistic that the bill will make it to Governor Abbott's desk to become law.

Texas State Capitol

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