The Lockdown Brought about Deaths from Dementia

About 400 thousand Texans are afflicted with dementia, and our state ranked the fourth in the nation for dementia during the 2020. Dementia diseases were the sixth leading cause of American deaths during the Covid Lockdown of 2020. Texas ranked second in the nation! Brian Levy of Cambridge Caregivers says isolation was the killer. " This generation has been doted on as they aged with children, grandkids and great-grandkids with no warning whatsoever." Levy says once the lockdown was lifted and family members were welcomed back to the residence's rooms and apartments, appetites increased, exercise and conversation was livelier. "We can see it in our residents' faces! Although they have dementia and some are non-verbal, we are experiencing a huge difference!"

The Covid Lockdown and Retirement Accounts

Levy says most of the deaths are due to the severity of isolation brought on by the lockdown. And many were unable to recognized staff members who were wearing masks. Things got better when families could return. "The effects of isolation in the elderly is taking it toll. Now that family members are returning, they are making a positive difference.

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Isolation brings death to dementia patients

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