Governor Greg Abbott Will Face A Challenge In 2022 - From Republicans

The countdown is on to 2022. And we're not just talking about the mid-terms. There is going to a race for Governor in Texas, and Greg Abbott is going to have to take on both Democrats and Republicans.

"It's surprising" said UH political science professor Brandon Rottinghaus. "The Governor has a lot of money, almost $40 million dollars on hand. He has strong approval ratings from Republicans, and he is the incumbent, but I do think he's vulnerable."

Why? Rottinghaus told KTRH there are a couple of reasons. "Keeping Texas closed for as long as he did run afoul with many Republicans" he said "So a lot of this is the pandemic. But there is a bigger concern, and that is the Republican party is not 'right' leaning enough in Texas."

So far, there's a group of at least 4 in the GOP who plan to run. They include former Texas state senator Don Huffines, as well as Ag Commissioner Sid Miller, who made a new friend during last years presidential election when he supported Donald Trump on FOX. Miller is already running an ad with Trump praising him. Does that mean Trump will endorse him? Will Trump endorse anyone? And how big would that be?

"I think this is one of those primary's where if he gets behind one of these candidates, then I think it's going to create major problems for Greg Abbott" Rottinghaus told KTRH. "But I think the likelihood is that Trump will sit out this one, even if he has ties to some of the candidates."

Rottinghaus also believes the likelihood that Abbott loses his bid for re-election is slim. But this is politics. The countdown is on.

Greg Abbott

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