There’s More Evidence That You Think Covid Is Behind Us

If you feel like the pandemic is 'over', you are not alone.

A new survey shows that -at least- 25% of all likely voters think the pandemic is over.

"I think people are realizing that we are likely there, and I think some of it is also just fatigue" said Dr. Brian Joondeph, who also writes for American Thinker. "We've been at this for well over a year now, with shifting mandates and requirements, and I think that people have just had enough."

The poll also found that trust in the left's beloved Dr. Anthony Fauci has declined 42% over the past year. Joondeph told KTRH that shouldn't come as a surprise.

"Earlier this year he said we should be wearing two masks, then it was back to one mask, and now the CDC says no masks, so Fauci has been all over the place on masks, as well as on the origin of the virus. He's been caught, and people have lost faith in him."

Sadly, it raises the question, will we ever be able to have faith in our public officials again? And can we ever get to a place where these trusted officials don't go political? Joondeph says it depends, but it's doubtful.

"This has all been about politics if you look at how it all played out, the timing of it, the mandates, how it was used to shut down Trump rallies, how it was used to keep Biden off the campaign trail, there are so many aspects of this that have political origins, and people have been observing that" he said.

Joondeph concluded by saying that the pandemic should be over, but don't be surprised if it's brought out again for political gain. And don't expect Dr. Fauci and his daily interviews to go away anytime soon either.

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