Republicans Accuse Democrats of Pushing Policies on Illegal Immigrants

The crisis at the southern border only appears to be getting worse, as the Biden administration doesn't seem to know how to get a handle on it.

Every day, border patrol captures dozens of illegal immigrants, while hundreds more sneak into the country. Vice President Kamala Harris has yet to visit the border, and housing facilities across the state are overflowing. Hidalgo County GOP Chairwoman Adrienne Peña-Garza is alarmed by what she's seeing in the Rio Grande Valley.

“There are pictures of what they’re giving people that are coming across, and it’s basically 101 on how to become a Democrat,” Peña-Garza explained. “And all the wonderful things that they are going to give them.”

Some Conservatives accuse Democrats of wanting to let more immigrants into the country in the hopes of building up a large voter base.

“There’s not enough resources in our area to help inform and educate the immigrants that are coming across on what radical socialist policies that the Democrats are pushing, and not just on social issues, but also on economic issues,” Peña-Garza said.

However, she believes the more educated immigrants become, the more likely they are to reject the Biden administration's social and economic policies. If that's true, it's a Democratic strategy that might one day backfire. One other problem: the federal government doesn't know how many illegal immigrants have managed to make it into the country.

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