Free Huge Job Fair TODAY
Over 80 Hiring Companies
Wide Range of Positions

Gallery Furniture
I-45 North, Between Tidwell and Parker
10:00 am - 2:00 pm

A free giant job fair is going on today at Galleria Furniture on I-45 North. Mattress Mack and KTRH's Michael Berry have put together over 80 companies looking for workers.

Berry explains. "Lots of companies are struggling to find employees right low. Lots of people are on unemployment and their benefits are about to go let's make a match there and get people back to work!" They have put together a free 80-plus-company job fair, going on today at Gallery Furniture on I-45 from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. Berry says, "There is a need for people from high school diplomas/GEDs, all the way up to PhDs and everything in between. There is a broad range of needs. The economy wants to get back up - there's a demand for it."

  1. Berry's Job Fair Tips:

    Ask questions. "Even if they don't hire you --- ask them if they know of a competitor that could be needing you. Networking is a huge part of job search. It really can be about who you know. And who you know my be someone you meet at a job fair!"
  2. Make it easy to be hired. "Come with your resume or some sort of a card with your name, email address and phone number on it. And write something on it that will remind them of you like: "I am the red head,' or 'I'm the one who was 6 feet tall.' Make it easy for them to remember you after the job fair is over.

Says Berry, "Let's get past this pandemic and get back to a roaring economy." They are planning for 300 to 400 applicants today. "We have a broad range of companies dealing in medical, technology, finance, construction, hospitality, EVERYBODY is hiring now. Whether it's a bar-back in a restaurant or hotel bar, a construction worker, a nurse, an engineer - people are desperate to hire now."

photo: GettyImages

Free Job Fair TODAY

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