Are Democrats In Panic Mode Over The Midterms?

This was supposed to be the Democrat party that would never end. But according to a new report from a top Democrat insider, the Dems are privately panicking because of next years mid-terms.

With all of their wins, all of their spending, and all of the free propaganda coverage they receive from the mainstream media, the Democrats thought that Republicans, and America, were done with Donald Trump.

Not so, according to the poll, which shows that Republican voters are united behind Trump. And they are ready to show that support at the polls during next year's elections.

"There's no one in the GOP who can do that more effectively than former President Donald Trump, who fires up his base receiving over 74 million votes" said Republican strategist Matt Mackowiak. "He is the leader of the Republican party whether people like that or not, and if he runs for re-election in 2024 he will be the nominee."

But first things first. Before that, Republicans have their sights set on 2022. As Mackowiak pointed out to KTRH, only once in the last 100 years has the party that didn't have the White House, not gain seats in the mid-terms. And the poll verified that showing that Republicans were 11 points higher than Democrats in their interest for next years races.

"Republican voters have higher intensity right now than Democrats do" Mackowiak said, while also putting to rest the mainstream media's lazy narrative that the GOP is splintered, and in disarray.

"I do think the party is unified, and I don't buy that media narrative" he said. "There have been some hiccups with the Liz Cheney battle which no one in the country cares about. The mid-term elections are going to be about the direction of the country."

A direction that is much different than the one the Biden administration has taken our nation in a little over 4 months.

"I think they're panicking, and that the majority of the country isn't buying it" Mackowiak said.

The countdown to 2022 has begun.

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