Simone Continues to Amaze!

Simone Biles is topping her last time she topped herself! This time is an International First. While participating in the U.S. Classic yesterday (5-22-2021) -after not competing in a year- she accomplished what most would think impossible. She was the first woman in the world to, during a competition, successfully (and beautifully) complete a Yurchenko Double Pike. It is an extremely difficult/challenging/near impossible vault that you can see here on You Tube.

Biles is a five-time Olympic medalist who stayed out of competition for a year. marking the first time the gymnast has competed in over a year. She was ahead of the competition this weekend. Yesterday she was wearing a leotard with a goat ( "greatest of all time") rhinestoned on it while she landed the move. With the impressive feat, she officially became the first woman to complete the Yurchenko Double Pike in a competition.


Simone Biles with another FIRST

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