Texas Republicans Are On The Clock To Pass 8 Priorities Before May 31

The final week of the 87th Texas Legislative Session is underway in Austin.

A unique session that started with the back-drop of Covid, before being interrupted by the epic winter storm.

"We had the pandemic, and then the ERCOT situation" said reporter Brad Johnson from the Texan. "Two really, really big emergencies that had to be dealt with. They're only in session for 5 months and there's only a certain amount of time to do things."

A unique, but also important session for the GOP which began the year with 8 priorities, plus Chairman Allen West added the legislation for government overreach.

So where do things stand right now with Republicans on the clock? Johnson told KTRH, "At this moment there are 4 and a half (that will likely get through) - the election integrity bill, religious freedom, constitutional carry, and monument protection aka the save the Alamo bill." Plus, Governor Abbott recently signed the heartbeat bill.

Not making the cut, the Gender modification bill, and school choice for all.

As for ERCOT? Johnson noted, "There are quite a few bills related to ERCOT working their way through, or already through. They certainly dealt with it, we'll see if it's enough."

But just when you thought it was going to be over on May 31? There is going to be a special session for the legislature during the fall.

The 3 items on the agenda so far? The all important redistricting, how to distribute the $16 billion dollars in Federal Covid relief aid, and also a prospective ban on tax-payer funded lobbying in the legislature.

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