Restaurant Delivery Is Here to Stay

Pre-pandemic more than 60% of restaurant traffic was delivery, carry out or drive through. At the height of the pandemic that jumped to around 90%, and is still in the low 80% range, according to the National Restaurant Association. It’s not likely to change.

There are a lot more options these days. Cocktails-to-go are legal in Texas now, and there is nothing easier than having the restaurant come to us rather than having to leave the house.

Delivery had been 3% of the market pre-pandemic, and it’s still holding at around 9%. Hudson Riehle, Senior Vice President for Research for the National Restaurant Association, says restaurants are investing in their digital business going forward.

Something new brought about by the pandemic is “ghost” restaurants – eateries that don’t have public storefront locations, but are kitchens where meals can be prepared for delivery. Expect more of those going forward.

photo: Getty Images

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