New ‘Name and Shame’ Ad Campaign Targets ‘Woke’ Corporations

A new ad campaign is calling out several big corporations over their “woke” political narratives.

The first phase of the campaign, costing well over seven figures, targets American Airlines, Coca-Cola, and Nike.

The non-profit Consumers’ Research blames Coke and Nike for exploiting foreign labor, and American for laying off thousands during the pandemic while accepting billions in taxpayer bailout. Will Hild, the group’s Executive Director, says they're standing up for the consumer.

“Corporations across the nation need to stop trying to cozy up to woke politicians and woke activists, and focus on serving their customers,” Hild said.

The three companies have openly denounced Republican-led legislation in several states. Coca-Cola and American, in particular, expressing disagreement with voting bills in Texas and Georgia.

“If you are out there taking positions on legislation and issues that are not germane to your business and you have absolutely no specialty on, we’re going to be out there naming and shaming you and defending the consumer’s interest in the marketplace,” Hild explained. “Consumers deserve better.”

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