Get Ready For More Government Payments

The Biden administration, the gift that keeps on giving!

Just when you thought it was safe to a break from free government hand-outs? Get ready for more with the upcoming Child Tax Credit payments which will start in July.

Here in Texas, Governor Greg Abbott just announced this week that federal unemployment benefits will stop next month. State Senator Paul Bettencourt told KTRH, it's about time.

"I think that earlier would have been better to make that decision, but I'm glad we've at least recognized the obvious now. We've got to get out of this federal free hand-out business because there really is no such thing as free federal money."

With too many job openings, and not enough workers, the halting of the extra federal benefits should be an incentive to get back to work. "Just trying to bring economic reality back in to the state of Texas on unemployment benefits" Bettencourt said, adding "When you set up a system where everybody who doesn't work can make over $50,000 a year, what you're doing is putting a lot of inflationary pressure on businesses."

The additional federal unemployment benefits are set to end here in Texas on June 26th, with the federal Child Tax Credit payments set to start going out on July 15th. The payments will be either $300 for every child under the age of 6, or $250 for each child over 6. "Additional child care credit is coming from the federal government" Bettencourt said. "The problem with all these hand-out is that eventually they catch up with you."

And they can also benefit the political party that is in office, especially when approaching a key election.

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