Why The Divided GOP Civil War Is A Media Myth

It's been 4 months since the Democrat take over, but rather than talk about all of the Biden blunders, the mainstream media just can't keep away from bashing Donald Trump.

Their latest weapon? Congresswoman Liz Cheney who was cut-off from her leadership role in the GOP for going overboard in trying to attack the former President.

"The left is taking the Liz Cheney story and saying oh my gosh, they're eating their own" says media and political analyst Chris Begala. "Whoever jumps on and attacks Trump, the media for that moment, of course they embrace that individual."

Even if it is someone like Cheney who Begala reminds us has been ripped to shreds for years by the left. "Now they love her, but just think what they did to her father? former V.P. Dick Cheney? They were cheering for his death."

The Trump attacks are alive and well.

But as for the media myth that the GOP is splintered? Begala told KTRH, that's fake news. "I believe in many ways that Trump has actually grown the party, that there are more Republicans than before Trump." And we should add, the numbers after the election validated that point.

Unfortunately, even worse than the bogus narrative? Begala says "What we really have in our country is a non-existent media. They're not just agenda driven and biased, they're corrupt. Every free standing democracy must have a working media. We don't have that, and it's a sad commentary."

Begala believes that the corporate media will continue to bash conservatives and republicans until next years mid-terms.

Yet another reason to stay tuned to KTRH.

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