Teaching Personal Finance Literacy in Texas Schools

Senate Bill 1063 would include lessons on personal financial literacy in required economics classes taught in Texas high schools. It’s passed the Senate and has moved on to the House.

The company Fidelity Investments has launched a program for clients that includes a way to teach their kids about spending, saving and investing called a Fidelity Youth Account, targeting 13 to 17 year olds.

Michael Smith, President of Avidian Wealth Solutions, thinks education about managing money is essential for kids. “I’m glad to see this program is out there, because there’s really not [much]. I think it’s great we’re finally seeing education targeting the youth,” he says.

Currently, Texas students are required to take an economics course, but it won’t teach them how to balance a bank account or invest wisely. The proposed Senate bill would incorporate personal finance lessons into a class on general economics.

photo: Getty Images

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