Crony Capitalism: Democrats Spent 4 Years Complaining - Now? Silence

During the 4 years of the Donald Trump presidency, the Democrats made so many accusations that weren't true, it's hard to keep up with them.

One of the regular one's was the catchy 'Crony Capitalism' which they used as a label to accuse Trump of making sweetheart deals for his rich and wealthy friends.

Now that the Democrats are in control? Silence.

"Giving a several million dollar no-bid contract to some good ol' boys that worked on the Biden transition team looks real bad, smells real bad, and is bad" said former Judge Ted Poe.

The 'good ol' boy' that Judge Poe is referring to is Andrew Lorenzen-Strait, who upon leaving Biden, joined the non-profit 'Family Endeavors' group in Texas, and promptly received (without any other bids or competition) a $530 million dollar contract to care for migrant kids at the border. $530 million dollars of tax-payer money.

"The Democrats and these no bid contracts to their friends have no shame. They just do it because they think that it's part of spoils system when they take control" Poe told KTRH. "It's a lot of money, the tax payers are on the hook, and it's the good ol' boy system."

Another prime example is DOE Secretary Jennifer Granholm who has significant holdings in the electric bus, battery, and charging company Proterra. Can you say major conflict of interest? Sadly, these are just some of the many stories you never hear anything about from the corporate media.

Republicans are calling for an investigation in the Family Endeavors deal, but Judge Poe says it will all be for not. "At the end of the day nothing is going to change. The contract has been awarded, and there will not be any consequences." At least not until the mid-terms.

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