History Suggests That America Is Ripe For A Conservative Resurgence

They couldn't wait to get rid of the 'mean orange man' who sent out 'nasty tweets'. Be careful what you wish for.

The Democrats have their much desired complete control, but it did nothing to stop the indescribable damage they have done in just 4 months.

Now, they are embracing for a red wave in 2022.

"Republicans and conservatives should do very, very well in the mid-terms" said former Texas House Speaker and political analyst Dennis Bonnen. "The reality of it is, it is set up perfectly for a very successful mid-term election for Republicans."

Set up, thanks to the Biden administration's mismanagement of the border crisis, Covid confusion, massive spending, and rising inflation and looming tax hikes.

For all of the voters who couldn't wait to get rid of Donald Trump? This is not what they signed up for.

"Those voters who decided that because of what he might say, in a tone that they don't appreciate, was more important than whether they have a good job, and whether they have a good economy, and whether they feel safe" Bonnen told KTRH, "I would hope to think that they learned a lesson and realized that they made a mistake, and I hope that it will be decades before they make a choice like that again."

Unfortunately, knowing that voters will have that choice next year, Democrats are trying to do as much as they can to pass their radical agenda, including priority #1, the federal government take over of elections via H.R.1 or S1.

"It's scary to think about what could happen between now and the 2022 mid-terms." "The reality of it is, the Democrats want to push their socialist agenda as hard and as fast as they can."

On a positive note, Bonnen said "I do feel confident in a conservative comeback." The countdown is on.

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