Conservatives Suspicious After Books Hidden From Amazon’s Search Results

Another potential example of Big Tech bias against conservatives. Several new books by conservative authors had disappeared from Amazon's search results. After outrage on Twitter, books like Sohrab Ahmari's The Unbroken Thread are back, but with no explanation as to what happened, or who at Amazon made the change.

“It’s really hard to point at one specific person, but I really wouldn’t be surprised to look at the top. So, Jeff Bezos. We know that he supports liberal causes, and so it wouldn’t surprise me that an organization that he runs is going to ban things that he disagrees with,” Charles Blain, president of Urban Reform, told KTRH in March.

Amazon has said it makes efforts to "protect" its users against "hate speech." However, Blain told KTRH’s Jimmy Barrett Amazon will not reveal which higher ups make the key decisions about what is or is not “hate speech.”

“I think the way to fight it is to continue to support local bookstores. I know a lot of conservatives have started turning toward local booksellers and going back to publishers and trying to form their own entity, if you will, to make sure that we can still have our voices heard,” Blain explained.

He adds it's important for conservatives to raise their voices when they see negative bias or censorship.

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