The 2021 Modern Wealth Survey For Houston Has Been Released

A new survey from Charles Schwab shows that the majority of Houstonian's are optimistic, about the state of the nation and the economy.

The new study says 58% feel good about the stock market, with 54% positive about the U.S. job market, and our role in the world as a global economic power.

"You're seeing a lot more people spending money" says Hank Lewis, economics professor at Lone Star College. "This is a good thing for the economy, our economy's life blood is total spending and when people and businesses spend more money, there's more economic activity and people are better off."

A lot of people are also better off post-pandemic because they have some extra cash. The survey shows that 25% are ready to splurge! To make up for lost time.

"All of this represents a huge lid off the pot" Lewis told KTRH. That would include a welcome vacation, with 45% ready to take a trip.

The one negative in the report according to Lewis is that 2/3 of Americans still aren't saving enough, or planning for emergencies. Lewis says, "If you fail to plan, than plan to fail."

One final note, Houstonian's also believe that it takes an average of $2.2 million in personal net worth to be considered 'wealthy'.

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