More Texans are gulping down fast food than ever before.

An alarming rate of Texans are devouring fast food. Restaurant consultant Jonathon Horowitz says the industry has seen a shift toward convenience even before the Covid lockdown. "It doesn't matter how old you are. If you press some buttons and food shows up at your door --- that's pretty cool! It's a cross-generational thing right now. It's not just the 'younger generation' that has taken off with the technology." Horowitz says it makes sense that burger places are in the lead. "I'm not surprised to see burgers at the top of the list. There has been a significant rise in what we call 'The Better Burger Category.'"

He says this not new. "We, as an industry, have seen a shift toward food that is more convenient and quicker. The pandemic has just accelerated that whole process." Top Data found the surge is big for chains like Sonic, Taco Bell, Papa Johns and KFC. Horowitz says convenience is pushing the trend. "We have seen some dramatic changes in the consumer behavior that is driving it. I think a lot of that is going to stick."

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Burger chains saw an increase in visits of 54.4%, with Sonic leading the way with a 102% increase.

Mexican chains saw an increase in visits of 32.1%, with El Pollo Loco topping off with a 39% increase.

Fried Chicken chains saw an increase in visits of 29.5%, with KFC coming in with an increase of 49%.

Pizza chains saw an overall increase of 16.2%, with Papa Murphy’s seeing a lift of 19%.

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Fast Food is More Popular than Ever in Texas

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