If The Dems Can't Pass S1, Who They Gonna Call? Filibuster

Despite all of the distractions going on in our nation, priority #1 for the Democrats, H.R.1 - S.1, didn't make it out of committee after being deadlocked 9-9.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz has called the bill, which would basically give the Democrats complete control over all future elections told KTRH's Sean Hannity on FOX "Many of us are calling it the corrupt politicians act, the single most dangerous piece of legislation so they never lose again." "What this bill does, it's a massive federal take over of elections all across this country."

Normally, for all intents and purposes, the bill should be dead at this point. But the Democrats won't accept that, with their leaders vowing that they are just getting started.

Local Republican Committeeman Dr. Robin Armstrong told KTRH, "Yes, it's supposed to be dead, but the Democrats are going to press this."

And that leads to the big question? Will the Democrats do the despicable act of eliminating the filibuster to ensure they get it through? Armstrong believes they would like to, but as of right now they don't the votes thanks to (D) Senators Manchin and Sinema.

"I believe that what's going to happen is that this bill will fail" Armstrong said, "And then they're going to come back with this other bill that they've named after the late congressman John Lewis, and try to get that passed." A bill which Dr. Armstrong says is even more radical than H.R.1.

Ted Cruz is leading the fight, and says these bills must be stopped. "It strikes down almost every voter integrity law that has been adopted in the states, it is a massive Democrat power grab."

Dr. Armstrong agrees. "These Democrats are not liberal anymore, they're now authoritarian and that's their purpose, to create a permanent majority."

As we like to say on the radio, stay tuned.

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