More Stimulus - Online Petitions Call For Monthly Payments In Blue States

The Biden administration - the gift that keeps on giving.

Because it's been a few months since the last round of stimulus checks went out, online petitions are popping up, calling for more stimulus payments.

In fact, one of them via has over 2 million signatures from people who believe that the government should be giving monthly payments until the pandemic is over.

Not a good idea, according to financial analyst George Seay who told KTRH, "We're going to bankrupt our country, and our children and grandchildren are going to pay the cost and it's very heavy."

On the other side of the proverbial coin, several 'Red' states have gone the other way, deciding to pull the plug on any participation in federal unemployment assistance, including Tennessee and Alabama.

"That says to me that there's too many people staying at home eating bon-bon's and watching soap operas because they're making more money from these additional government benefits than working" Seay said, adding "those great states are telling their citizens to get off their couch and get back to work."

Easier said than done, which Seay says is not a surprise. "There are very few people who, when the government starts throwing money at them doesn't like it." Or the idea of some kind of socialist universal income.

Thankfully, the majority of Texans are back to work, with Seay expecting to see a strong future. "Texas will be an economic dynamo for the next 10-15 years" said Seay, "We're going to have scores of companies moving here, everybody wants to be here, and the cost of living is significantly lower than competing states."

As for where Texas is at with Federal assistance? More than 3 dozen Texas business groups have asked Governor Abbott to halt, the extra unemployment benefits.

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