Jimmy Carter 2.0: Gas Lines, Inflation, Unemployment, Return Under Biden

The similarities are striking. Joe Biden is bringing us back to the Jimmy Carter era. That 70's presidency.

Just like Jimmy Carter, Joe Biden was served up a ripe America on a silver platter.

After 4 years of lies, all to oust President Trump, the Democrats gained total control. The White House, Senate, and Congress. Operation warp speed. And an economy busting at the seems after a year of unnecessary mandates and lockdowns, which were also used to hurt Trump.

But instead of America taking off like a rocket, the Biden administration has led us to a continuing crisis. Which has led to the comparisons to former president Jimmy Carter.

Joseph Curl, who used to run the Drudge Report back in the day, and is now a reporter for the Daily Wire, told KTRH, "It just struck me, between what is going on now and what was occurring in the late 70's. The gas lines, inflation, unemployment, and all of this rest now in the middle east."

The comparison really is spot on, and even though you won't hear any criticism of Biden from the mainstream media, it would be hard to script out a worse start, than what we've so far for the Biden administration.

"It is remarkable" Curl said. "It's only been 100 days." Which has given many voters time to reflect, and also deal with voters remorse.

With all of these problems not expected to get better, or go away any time soon, Curl believes we will like see another red wave in 2022, as well as in 2024.

"People are going to remember this, it's a pretty bad start for a president" Curl added. "Biden has done an awful lot of things that have not gone well."

And as Curl pointed out at the end of his column, a nice reminder. In 1980, Jimmy Carter lost his re-election bid to Ronald Reagan 489 to 49!

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