The DIY Craze May Not Be Over

We told you last year during Covid lockdowns about how quarantined homeowners were killing time with long-procrastinated home improvement projects. A survey by Bid on Equipment looked at the most popular project by state and found Texans were mostly remodeling bathrooms.

You can get the complete national map showing projects here.

The Brits did a survey, too, and found the #1 DIY fail was laminate floors, something Texas Home Improvement host Jim Dutton says he doesn’t understand. “I don’t find laying laminate floors as much of a problem as people jumping into tile floors, setting cabinets, trying to move plumbing on their own,” he laughs.

Don’t put away the hammer just yet. Dutton says a shortage of contractors may require more of your handiwork for a while longer. “We’ve got two issues: the growth in population; and the freeze created damage that will take at least two years to repair.”

Good luck with the bathroom remodel.

photo: Getty Images

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