Taking Away Some Of The Governor’s Emergency Powers

A year later, post pandemic, Texas lawmakers want things to be handled differently the next time there is a major issue or disaster.

The Texas House overwhelming approved HB 3, which would take away some of the Governor's emergency powers, instead giving it to an oversight committee.

The bill has moved on to the Senate. But even if it makes it out, HB 3 will ultimately have to be signed into law by Governor Greg Abbott, something longtime Republican strategist Bill Miller told KTRH is not likely.

"If I were a betting man, I would say that the Governor is not likely to sign a bill that says, "sure I think there was overreach, and you were right to pull me down" I don't think he's going to sign that bill."

Governor Abbott received criticism from both Republicans and Democrats for his handling of the pandemic last year. Republicans believe Abbott went too far, while Democrats think he didn't do enough. And local leaders, like the ones here in Harris County, really don't like not being able to have power, and the final say.

"I've never met an elected official who has power, who is happy about someone taking it from them" Miller said. "Judge Hidalgo and others like her will affected."

Both sides have made amendments in an attempt to satisfy their constituents complaints. But will it be enough?

"It really is about power, who has it, who can use it, and under what conditions. That's the basis of the whole bill."

This current 87th Texas legislative session is set to end on May 31st.

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