Smart Devices Tracking Sleep and Movement Raise Privacy Concerns

Many of us already have a device or two with a microphone that responds to our voice. However, smart-home devices are quickly becoming more sophisticated. They may soon be able to listen in on your conversation, even if you didn’t ask.

Big Tech companies like Google, Apple, and Amazon are all experimenting with smart technology that's raising privacy concerns. Google's newest Nest Hub device can track your sleep pattern. Amazon's Echo Show 10 can sense your movement. Michael Garfield, who is known as the High-Tech Texan, says the additions are aimed at convenience, but the privacy concerns are also valid.

“You know when you plug it in, you know there’s a microphone, you know there’s a speaker, and there’s a possibility these companies could be listening in,” Garfield said. “That’s your give and take. You’re plugging it in, you’re giving them right to actually get that feedback, and listen to your commands.”

He encourages you to do your homework on any smart device before you buy and what your plug-in at home.

“At the end of the day, these companies what to infiltrate your lives because it’s the 21st century,” Garfield explained. “But it can make your simple, everyday tasks a lot easier.”

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