New Research Shows Stay-At-Home Orders Actually Made The Pandemic Worse

You definitely won't hear about this from the mainstream media.

A new study that was posted in the Wall Street Journal shows that after the first month of the pandemic, lockdown orders made things worse, not better.

The report was completed by former Trump economist, and University of Chicago Professor Casey Mulligan who told KTRH, "once businesses and schools figured out how to slow the spread, they took real action and got real results. Unfortunately, we weren't allowed to go to those places, so putting people out of work actually sped up the spread, it didn't slow it."

The same problem happened in states like New York, where elderly patients were fine in hospitals, but not so in nursing homes.

Professor Mulligan also said the pandemic gave a lot of local leaders, a lot of power.

"They're not scientists, they're not trained. We would have all been safer, richer, with better mental health without the lockdowns. It would have been a win, win, win" Mulligan says adding that " they had very little faith in people, that's why I called this paper The Backwards Art Of Slowing The Spread."

And of course the final factor was the usual one. They had to oppose Donald Trump. "He was right that the cure was worse than the disease. The people on top have no idea what's going on."

So why is Harris County still on code level red? And why are so many people still working from home? Professor Mulligan doesn't have the answer to that. But at least we now know scientifically, that lockdowns do more harm than good.

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