Why Hysterical People Are Scrambling To Get The Vaccine Hesitant Shots

From "15 days to slow the spread" to Dr. Fauci telling America that "there's no reason to wear a mask", it's hard to keep up with how many times they have moved the goal posts.

The latest? Vaccine shaming!

In case you have been on another planet, there is a mass hysteria for every human being alive to get the vaccine. You hear it every day on the radio, tv, and on-line.

And if you are in the group that thinks all of this has happened just a little too soon? While also wondering, if the vaccine is so great? why do we still have to wear masks? And why am I being offered all kinds of perks to get a shot? Great questions, and legitimate concerns.

"I think vaccine hesitancy in this case is very rational" says Dr. Richard Urso, a vaccine expert and drug maker. "This is an experimental treatment, and I think the mandates and the shaming are inappropriate."

But the vaccine shaming, just like mask shaming, is real. And so is the pressure for people to conform. Whether it's proof of vaccine, or special areas for those that are vaccinated, or even the eventual vaccine passports, the left is not going to let up. The right to choose is a cornerstone, but not when it comes to getting a shot.

"The vaccine shaming is real, and it's happening everywhere" Dr. Urso told KTRH. Why? The primary reason is fear. "The media is creating that fear, and now we're talking about variants?" "We're seeing the government involved, and medically it makes no sense."
Another thing that doesn't make sense to Dr. Urso? The Biden administration now pushing kids to get vaccinated. "We're seeing the vaccine is more likely to do harm to that group, rather than any benefit, which makes it unethical to do it in the young population."

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