Restaurants need workers. Teens need summer jobs.

It's a good match according to Michelle Castro from Texas Workforce Solutions. Castro says this summer is better than last summer because many laid off workers are either collecting unemployment or pursuing other jobs. "We do see a lot of demand for leisure and hospitality. In restaurants - we see demand especially for younger workers."

She says a summer job is important. "Landing your first job is more than just about the paycheck. It's about building skills and building a work history." She also says these kids' future employers look for summer jobs on resumes because it shows they know how to work.

Workforce Solutions is here to help, according to Castro. "Have your young person text #getpaid2021 to 40691 and we'll get them started on looking for and landing a job for the summer."

  • Click here to see more about finding a summer job.
  • Text #getpaid2021 to 40691 to get started


Teen working in a restaurant.

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