No End In Sight To Nationwide Ammo Shortage

The great ammo shortage that started in 2020 is likely to stretch into 2022. The demand for ammunition remains sky high nationwide.

“This is probably the largest ammo rush/shortage in the country’s history. It’s pretty incredible,” Travis Carter, with Carter's Country, told KTRH.

Carter is one of many Houston area retailers who haven’t been able to keep up with every customer request.

“Most customers are asking us the same thing, ‘Why is everybody in here buying ammo?’” Carter explained. “So, we just turn around and ask the customer, ‘Why are you in here buying ammo?’”

The typical answer he gets is uncertainty about the future. Experts say there are lots of factors to what sparked the ongoing shortage: the pandemic, last summer's civil unrest, and President Biden’s continued call for gun control.

“[A] simple lack of product across the board for a lot of people is a very frustrating thing on our end, but ultimately it trickles down to the lack of supply and an incredible demand,” Carter said.

While supply tries to catch up, gun owners can expect to pay more for their ammunition. Reportedly, a box of fifty rounds of 9 mm that used to cost about ten dollars now costs upwards of thirty-five dollars.

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