Why It’s Time For A National Election Fraud Database

As the voter 'integrity' laws make their way through the Texas legislature, the left has gone out of their way to voice their displeasure, calling the bills 'voter suppression'.

If you actually take a moment to look at the laws for yourself, (which most people don't, even elected officials) you can see that the voter laws are not restrictive at all.

The truth is, the majority of Americans, Republican and Democrat, believe you should have to provide some form of ID to cast a vote.

And then there's the other part of the story that has been conveniently ignored, and that is what Texas A.G. Ken Paxton revealed, that voter fraud cases here in Texas are at an all-time high.

"When we look at Texas, we have seen in Democrat party elections, voter fraud," that according to Logan Churchwell, spokesman for the Public Interest Legal Foundation. "They tend to be in places where you have one party dominance, and for Texas it's usually been in those blue counties."

So despite the left's lazy narrative that voter fraud, and rigged elections are just more right wing conspiracy theories, Churchwell made it clear to KTRH, "Voter fraud is absolutely an issue."

Thankfully, Texas is finally catching up to states that already have tried to close the loopholes for voter fraud, like Florida and Georgia.

Another plus that you won't hear about from the corporate media is the much needed National Election Fraud Database, which has already been put into practice by the PIL Foundation.

Churchwell says it has already helped them win a voter fraud case in Pennsylvania.

"The PIL Foundation built what we call an integrity database" Churchwell said. "It's a national database of all voter registration" and it's goal is to identify any potential issues.

So far so good.


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