The GOP Finds Success With Its 'Anti-Woke' Agenda

It's been almost 4 months since President Trump left office, but his presence still looms large.

Joe Biden, who doesn't say much these days, took a pretty good shot at the GOP by saying that Republicans are in the midst of a "civil war".

But Trump or no Trump, Republicans are all rallying together for one thing. And that is to stop the Democrats woke-agenda.

Political analyst, and tv personality Jessica Colon told KTRH, "The extreme left want to make woke-ness in their own definition, and what that means to them."

And despite the backing and support from the corporate media, Colon believes as many do, that the Dems may have overplayed their hand.

"This cancel-culture and this woke-culture is being take to an extreme that is becoming quite unpalatable to many folks out there" Colon said.

Case in point? On Mother's Day, where lovely greetings for Mom's flooded social media, the radical left had to turn it into a negative by calling for the removal of the word 'Mother' from our lexicon. They want to call women 'birthing persons'.

The insanity continues, and Colon believes that so will a Red wave in next years elections.

"We saw it happen in Congress in 2020, and all signs are pointing that it will happen again in 2022 because the left is taking this to the extremes" Colon said. "It's just too much, it's not what Americans want."

For Republicans, it's been a 'woke' - wake up call.

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