Covid-19 Vaccinations Could Come to You

In Texas, if you can't get to the Covid-19 Vaccine, the Covid-19 Vaccine may be able to come to you. If your company or organization has 10 or more people who are voluntarily choosing to be vaccinated, you can schedule a vaccination mobile team to come to your location to administer the shots. Homebound individuals in Texas are also being offered the same service.

Governor Abbott says, “Vaccines are the most effective tool in Texas’ fight against COVID-19, and we are committed to making COVID-19 vaccines even more widely available to Texans across the state. Here in Texas, COVID-19 vaccines will always be strongly encouraged and always voluntary.”

HOMEBOUND TEXANS who want to be vaccinated should call this number to schedule a visit:
1-844-90-TEXAS and Select Option 1

Businesses and Civic Organizations can schedule a mobile vaccination team to vaccinate their employees, visitors or member at this number:
1-844-90-TEXAS and Select Option 3.

Photo: GettyImages

Mobile Vaccine Team

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