The Biden Administration’s War on Texas

It has become America's dirty little secret. Nobody would ever dare to admit publicly on the record, but everybody knows that it's true.

The Biden administration has declared war on Texas.

Whether it's by sins of co-mission, like cancelling the XL pipeline, interfering with the Texas power grid, or stopping the building of the wall, to the sins of omission, such as doing nothing at border and even worse, not even acknowledging that there's a crisis.

But the lone star state has another secret, that you may not even know about. You will never see it reported by the mainstream media.

In front of packed, standing room only crowds across the state, people are turning up in droves to show their support.

What is it? It's simply called - TEXIT.

Political activist and author David Thomas Roberts is leading the charge. Right out of the gate during a conversation with KTRH, DTR made it clear, this is not some wacko right wing conspiracy group looking to overthrow the government with a military coup.

"This is not an armed insurrection, this is a Brexit style negotiated separation to make Texas an independent Republic once again" David Thomas Roberts said along with the question he poses during every rally, "If Texas were an independent Republic again today, would you vote to stay in the union?" "And emphatically, we get the answer, no."

The bottom line is, TEXIT has gone from a crazy idea, to a legit mainstream possibility.

But first things first. Texas Republican Kyle Biedermann has introduced HB 1359, the Texas Independence Referendum Act.

“For decades, the promises of America & our individual liberties have been eroding. Now is the time for the People of Texas to have the right to decide their own future" Biedermann said on social media.

David Thomas Roberts offered some clarity. "I just want to be clear, this is not a vote for secession. It's a vote to take up the issue to explore it. They need to put it to a vote in a referendum for the citizens of Texas, and then if that passes, then it starts a 'Brexit' style discussion that could go on for several years."

The bill is not expected to pass during this current legislative session. But DTR says the movement is growing across the state. "Texas is the last bastion, literally, of freedom in the United States."

And with the attacks on Texas coming from what he says are "all angles" David Thomas Roberts said ultimately, without any support from Washington, Texas will have to take matters into it's own hands.

"With all of the voter integrity issues, we may have seen the last Republican President, at least in my lifetime. Unfortunately we have a lot of the GOP that are asleep at the wheel."

TEXIT is now an official wake-up call.

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President Biden Delivers Remarks On Gun Violence Prevention From White House Rose Garden

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