Texas House gives initial approval to voter integrity bill

Democrats in the Texas House tried delay tactics, and succeeded in making changes. But, in the end, SB-7, the voter integrity bill, takes another step closer to becoming law.

The House gave initial approval in a vote that went along party lines, 81 to 64. State Representative Briscoe Cain, a driving force behind the bill, says it is something Texas needs.

"We don't need to wait for bad things to happen in order to try and protect and secure these elections," Cain said as debate dragged on for 17 hours.

SB-7, despite what the mainstream media is saying, will expand early voting. It also would restrict the number of ballot dropoff locations, and requite ID to apply for an absentee ballott. Noah Weinrich with Heritage Action told KTRH News the bill just makes sense.

"According to polling, most Texans want these protections," he stated.

The bill needs another vote in the House before being sent back to the Senate.

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