Hispanic Women Hope to Flip the Rio Grande Valley Red in 2022

A traditional stronghold for Democrats in Texas may be turning red, and it's thanks to women.

Hispanic females are leading a Republican revival in the Rio Grande Valley. Even the New York Times argues Joe Biden lost some South Texas ground in 2020 that Hillary Clinton had claimed in 2016. Hidalgo County GOP Chairwoman Adrienne Peña-Garza says Donald Trump's presidency led to more Texas women wanting to get involved in politics.

“Women are the leaders of their families, their homes. [They] take more of a front row approach to what’s taking place in their families, in their country,” Peña-Garza said.

She also believes the Republican Party is gaining inroads with voters who may have voted for Democrats in the past, but who hold more traditional values.

“Patriotism is important,” Peña-Garza explained. “Our family values are important. The value of God, life, and the second amendment.”

Peña-Garza says the current illegal immigration crisis is reminding South Texans of the importance of border security.

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