YOLO is Driving Many Career Choices

Maybe it was inevitable coming out of the systemic shockwave Covid brought about, but many people, especially those under 40, are embracing the motto “You Only Live Once,” or YOLO, and are looking for a career change.

Chris Lester, a Texas hiring specialist, is Vice President of Sales and Operations with Catapult Solutions Group, and says the market for hiring is hot. “Oh gosh, it is a phenomenal time to be making a change in jobs,” he gushes. “There are more jobs in America than there are people for the jobs.”

Business and career-oriented Linked-In finds two-thirds of job seekers are looking to change fields. If it could all end tomorrow by an invisible virus, do you really want to be stuck in a dead end job? Go for it.

“YOLO,” is the battle cry.

“I understand the Texas landscape to be extremely amazing,” says Lester. “All companies in IT, accounting, finance. Texas is the number one state in the nation for construction hiring.”

In the past, salary was the top reason people changed fields or job positions, or career advancement. Today, it’s the temporal nature of life and the uncertainty of the future. You only live once.

photo: Getty Images

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